Jan B. Engelmann is Professor of Neuroeconomics at the Amsterdam School of Economics. His research focuses on the neurobiology of social and economic decision-making, and how emotions influence our decisions. Jan studied Experimental Psychology at the University of St. Andrews (2000-2002) and then did his PhD at Brown University (2002-2008) at the Laboratory for Cognition and Emotion (with Luiz Pessoa). Prior to coming to CREED, Jan worked with Neuroscientists and Economists at Emory University (with Greg Berns; 2007-2009), and at the Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research (with Ernst Fehr; 2010-2014) at the University of Zurich. Jan has received a number of awards including the Radboud Excellence Fellowship, the John Dickhaut Memorial Grant from the Society for Neuroeconomics, the Dissertation Research Award from the American Psychological Association and the Student Research Grant from the Association for Psychological Science. His papers can be found on ResearchGate or Google Scholar.