Our work in the news.

Short segment in the Dutch TV program about our work on the role of the TPJ in trust (explained in Dutch by Carsten De Dreu): Atlas NPO2

Interview about Neuroeconomics and its importance for economic decisions on the UvA website.

Interview with de Volkskrant about the use of virtual reality environments to increase empathy (in Dutch): click here.

Interview with Het Financieele Dagblad about brain science in the media (in Dutch): click here.

An article about our research on the role of emotions in decision making on the UvA website.


Jan’s talk on overconfidence in social media at the NATO Stratcom Dialogue.

Jan was recently interviewed by, where he gave a brief introduction to the field of Neuroeconomics. Click here for a video.

Research papers in the news

Our 2024 paper on anticipatory anxiety and wishful thinking

Our 2021 paper on face perception and trust

Our 2019 paper on antisociality and trust

Our 2019 paper on metacognition in reinforcement learning

Our 2019 paper on the impact of incidental affect on trust 

Our 2018 paper on social analgesia.

Our 2016 paper on dishonesty.

Our 2016 paper on Learning Empathy (with Grit Hein, Phil Tobler and Marius Vollberg) in the press:



Our 2009 paper on financial advice from experts (with Greg Berns, Monica Capra and Charles Noissair) in the media: