Alessandra Galli is a visiting researcher from the Donders Institute at the Radboud University Nijmegen where she worked on her PhD research (currently completing the dissertation) on the neurobehavioral mechanisms underlying the interaction between emotions and working memory (Supervisor: Christian Fiebach). She received her MSc degree in Experimental Psychology and Cognitive neuroscience at the University of Padua (Italy) and later she continued with a post-graduation MSc in Artificial intelligence at the University of Leuven (Belgium). She has worked as research assistant at the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) in the lab of prof. Ian Robertson on the effect of donepezil on attentional brain circuits of older adults and within a university-industry collaboration, on the development of an automated neuropsychological screening over the phone. She has been working as psychologist at Molemann de Brouwerij centre for psychosis and as tutor/lecturer at PPLE college, at the University of Amsterdam. Since September 2017 she works as psychologist at Adagio in Amsterdam where she also started her post-master clinical training program (GZ-opleiding).