Jan Engelmann


2008 Ph.D. Psychology (experimental) Brown University, Providence, RI
2004 M.S. Psychology (experimental) Brown University, Providence, RI
2002 M.A. (honours) Psychology University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK

Research and Professional Experience

2016 – current Associate Professor (Neuroeconomics), CREED, Amsterdam School of Economics, University of Amsterdam

Co-Director “A Sustainable Future” Initiative

Director MSc Business Economics 

Track coordinator Neuroeconomics

2014 – current Radboud Excellence Fellow, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Radboud University Nijmegen
2014 – current Associate Member, Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research, University of Zurich
2010 – 2014 Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Economics and Laboratory for Social and Neural System Research, University of Zurich Advisor: Ernst Fehr
2007 – 2009 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Computation and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University School of Medicine Advisor: Gregory S. Berns
2006 – 2007 Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington
2003 – 2007 Doctoral Student, Laboratory of Cognition and Emotion, Department of Psychology, Brown University Advisor: Luiz Pessoa

Reseach Interests and Expertise

Neuroeconomics, Affective and Social Neuroscience
Affective influences on decision-making and its neural correlates and functional connectivity
Interactions between emotions and cognitions during decision-making and emotion regulation.
Social decision-making, especially trust and reciprocity

Grants, Fellowships and Awards

2019 ASF Research Grant
2017 Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Project Grant, co-PI
2014 John Dickhaut Memorial Travel Grant, Society for Neuroeconomics
2014 Radboud Excellence Fellowship
2013 The neurobiology of emotion regulation in decision-making, PI, with Ernst Fehr, NCCR Affective Sciences
2013 Open access publishing fund for the social sciences and humanities, University of Zurich
2008 Best Poster Award in Neurobiology, Emory University Postdoc Research Symposium
2008 International Symposium: Foundations of Human Social Behavior Travel Award, University of Zurich
2007 American Psychological Association (APA) Dissertation Research Award
2007 Association for Psychological Science (APS) Travel Award
2006 Brown University Dissertation Fellowship
2006 Association for Psychological Science (APS) Student Research Grant Winner
2006 Wisconsin Symposium on Emotion Fellow
2005 APA Advanced Training Institute in functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Fellow
2004 Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
1999 Exchange Scholarship, Haverford College, PA, USA; awarded by the University of Aberdeen