Jan Hausfeld

Jan Hausfeld is an Assistant Professor of NeuroEconomics at the Amsterdam School of Economics. His research focuses on the relation between behavior in social and economic decisions and (neuro-)physiological measurements with a special interest in eye-tracking and interactive eye-tracking. These decisions range from allocation choices to deceptive behavior and signaling. Jan received his Bachelor degree in Economics from Virginia Tech (2008-2010), his Master degree from McGill University (2010-2012) and then did a PhD at the Graduate School of Decision Sciences at the University of Konstanz (2012-2017, with Urs Fischbacher). His PhD thesis was on how different sources of pressure affect decision making (time pressure, pressure to decide for someone else, and pressure when shooting a clutch penalty kick) while his interest in processing measures emerged. Jan continued working as a PostDoc with Urs Fischbacher in Konstanz in Economics, while also doing a PostDoc at the University of Bern at the Department of Social Neuroscience and Social Psychology with Daria Knoch. His papers can be found on Google Scholar.